Replacement Aluminium Bezel Insert - 1970s Diver

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Instructions to change insert

WARNING - only the aluminium insert can be removed.  Any attempt to remove the entire rotating bezel from the case will break your case.    The 1970s Diver is a single part watch case and the rotating bezel cannot be forced off.   If the case is broken in this manner a new case will need to be purchased.   It is not covered by the warranty.  

Removing the old Bezel insert will destroy the old bezel insert.  They can only be removed once - not swappped back and forth.  

Please refer to the photos 

Step 1.     Remove the lume pip with a small precision tool like a screw driver.   This does not require much pressure and be careful not to push to hard.

Step 2.  Behind the Lume pip  is a small hole in the Aluminium bezel insert.   The insert is glued onto the case.    Gently push your tool into the hole and lever under it.   Do not worry about scratching the case behind the insert, this cannot be seen once the new insert is applied.    Once the tool is under the bezel you can lift the insert up of the case.   It may require some force too peel the glue off.

Step 3.   Clean the residual glue of your case.

Step 4. Take the new bezel  - remove the adhesive sticker on the back, line the bezel up, and push in into place.   Be sure to firmly push the entire bezel into the slot.

It is easy to change the insert if you follow these rules - however if you are uncomfortable doing it then we suggest going to your local watchmaker and asking them - they will do it for you for a small nominal fee.   Or you can send the watch to us and we will do for you.      

You are good to go - enjoy your new look!