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Replacement bezel for TC-9 1970s Diver + Guide on how to change insert


Replacement aluminium bezel insert.

Fits all models of TC-9 1970s diver in bronze, steel and titanium.

WARNING:  The rotating Bezel does not remove from the case.   Only the aluminium bezel insert can be removed.  The bezel insert is glued in place.  Any attempt to remove the entire bezel will result in the watch case being destroyed.  We do not sell replacement cases so effectively your watch will be ruined if you try and lever of the entire bezel.     If you break the watch in this way it cannot be fixed and we will not assist in fixing it even if under warranty - we are a small company running on slim margins and we will not take the financial responsibilty of fixing watches that have been mis handeled in this way.   

We recommend you remove the old bezel by using a small precision tool - like a tooth pick or a tiny screwdriver - to gently remove the lume pip at 12, oclock on the insert.   Once the lume pip has been picked off it will reveal a hole.   Gently prise the prescion tool into and under that hole to get under the bezel insert and the bezel insert will lift up from the bezel.   Once you have a small gap you can simply pull the insert of the case.  The main risk of damage is pressing a metal tool to hard and it slipping and scratching your watch.   Take your time and be very gentle.

Then clean off the old glue residue from the case.  Allow to fully dry.  And carefully stick on the new self adhesive insert.     Take care to line the new insert up correctly - you only have one shot at this.

The old insert cannot be reused - it will be broken.  They are not reusable.

There are also other ways to remove the insert.   This YouTube link shows you another similar method.

TC-9 accept no responsibilty whatsoever if you follow these  guidelines and still mess it up or scratch or damage your watch.  Any watch modifying can lead to scratches or damage and you take your chances with it if you do not know what you are doing.   Under no circumstances whatsoever will we rectify a watch damaged by changing the bezel.

If you do not know what you are doing please take it to a watchmaker who will happily swap it over for you for a small fee.

Inserts available

Blue Hour Counter

Tropical Hour Counter

Black Hour Counter with grey numbers

Black hour counter with white numbers

Black and blue (batman) minute counter

Coming next month

Minute Counter

Please note the decompression bezel is sold out.  We will only replace decompression bezels for customers who purchased an original decompression bezel watch from TC-9 originally.