TC-9 Lunarscope - Solid Bronze Mechanical Chronograph


42 mm Solid Bronze Case

Seagull ST19 hand wound mechanical chronograph

Raised domed glass on front.  Sapphire cyrstal glass on case back

ceramic bezel insert  

Horween vintage leather strap or vintage Italian Suede leather strap 


Lumed bezel and dial

1 year limited warranty covering the mechanical movement.    See are Postage and Warranty page for more details

This watch is made from Solid Bronze.  Bronze is a highly tarnishable metal and the patina process has already started.  Your watch may have blemishes or patina spots on the case.  These are perfectly natural and can be polished off with metal polish or will quickly even out and disappear when the patina develop.  The bronze case may also have tiny flaws or tiny dints in it that can be seen under a loupe or by very eagle eyes under bright light.  This is inevitable with a bronze case and is part of the unique appeal.  If you require a watch with a prefect mirror finish then please look at our stainless steel range.