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Watches bought via this website come with a 1 year limited warranty from date of sale.  This covers the mechanical movement of the watch and excludes any accidental or deliberate damage. 

The warranty excludes any damage or malfunction to the watch case, crown, strap, buckle, bezel insert and glass or any other accessories such as the watch box.   Any damage or malfunction to these are NOT covered by any warranty and replacement parts must be purchased. 

We do not pay for postage on warranty claims whatsoever  - the customer must arrange for the watch to be returned to us and pay for the repaired watch to be re posted to them.   Shipping issues or customs problems arising from postage either way are the responsibility of the customer.   Customers should  take special care to ensure packages are sent registered, with signature and with correct insurance.  If sent from outside the EU the package must be marked as "return to original sender" on the customs form.   Any package that does not have this box ticked on the form will not be accepted by us.  Please do take care and contact us if you have questions.

TC-9 watches not purchased directly via this website or via Kickstarter are not covered by our warranty.  The warranty is non transferable.   We sometimes sell seconds, customer returns and customer trade ins (returned watches sent back to trade up to a new model) and end of line goods via ebay.   Watches purchased via ebay are not covered by any TC-9 warranty.  

Watches damaged by water will be inspected by us using industry standard methods to ascertain reason for damage. The warranty only covers water damage caused by manufacturing defect to the case.   Any water damage caused by accidental damage, removing the case back, not screwing in the crown or any other reason is not covered by warranty.  Any damage to the main seal of the case back (i.e. the gasket) which is not identified in the first 2 weeks of ownership will be assumed to be from removing the case back or exposing the watch to harmful acids.      Watches marked as 5ATM or less should not be worn in water and are not warrantied against damage by water.   Take care not to wear these in water as we will  not fix a 5ATM watch that has water damage.

We do no fix watches that are out of warranty.  You will need to find a local watchmaker to do any work out of warranty.

If you require spare parts for you watch you need to send us a photo of the damaged part you need replacing and we will send you a price quotation for that part.

Please contact us as admin@tc-9watches if you have a warranty issue.   We will respond within 5 days of receiving our email.  Please do not chase us up before 5 days - sending multiple emails just delays the process.   We will always be polite and respectful to our customers - and we ask that you do the same.    

We offer a 14 day returns policy on any EU online sales.   We do not refund original postage costs or your return postage costs.   You must arrange for the watch to be returned unworn in all its original packing.   We will not refund a watch that has been worn or had packaging removed.

Orders outside of the EU can be returned within 3 days or receiving the item.  You will be deemed to have received the item from the moment it is signed for at your residence. Any watches that go missing or are lost after you they have been delivered to your address will not be replaced by us.  We do not refund postage either way. We will deduct our actual postage costs from the refund if the postage was offered free online.  We charge a restocking fee of $25 USD on any returned item.  Any tax or customs or postage issues are the responsibilty of the customer. You must arrange for the watch to be returned unworn in all its original packing.   We will not refund a watch that has been worn or had packaging removed. Contact us at   

We do not allow returns on preorders.

On receipt of your watch please inspect it fully before wearing it   If you are unhappy with it please contact us within 3 days of receipt.  Do not wear the watch if you are not totally satisfied with its condition on arrival.   Once you have worn the watch it will be assumed that any damage to the watch has occured after you inspected it.  

We do not share any proprietary information about the design and manufacture of our watches.   Requests for this information will not be responded to.